Affiliate Program

How do I get started?

In 3 simple steps: 

1. Please read the terms of use for this affiliate program. 

ONLY if you agree with all the terms above, follow these simple instructions:

2. Click here to sign up (free) with ClickBank if you don't have a ClickBank nickname already.  (This link opens in a new browser screen. Don't forget to switch back to this screen once the signup is complete!) Once your Clickbank account is open, it is important to remember the nickname you have assigned yourself. 

3. Generate your affiliate link:

Type your ClickBank nickname:
(one word - no spaces)
to generate your affiliate links and all you need to promote the Ad-Trackz
NOTE: YOUR affiliate link will be included automatically!

Your affiliate link is:

What's next?

Send your visitors to your affiliate link is all you need to do. The commissions are yours as long as your referrals buy anything within 90 days.

In association with ClickBank(TM) your sales are recorded with the patents pending referral tracking system, your cut is guaranteed -- no "lost" commissions.

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